8 Jumâdu l-âkhir 1425/
25 July 2004

People think that this life will continue up to eternity. No! The construction of this world is not suitable for eternity. But for eternity Allah Almighty has prepared for His servants other lands, the structure of which will never be the same as the one of this world. This world has a material structure; its real structure is from material, and it can’t continue eternally. Eternity is something granted by Allah Almighty to His most valuable servants, mankind.
He prepared for them eternal life and promised to them eternity, eternity which belongs to Allah only. And those who are going to be for Allah, eternity shall also be for them.
If a person is giving his material being or not does not make much difference, but He is asking for your spiritual being, for your soul, to dive into His Unity Oceans and to disappear.
Then you shall be ahl, suitable, for eternity and that is what is meant by ‘insânu l-kamil’, ‘perfect man’, to reach through one’s soul to the spirituality of Heavens. That spirituality within the Unity Oceans of Allah Almighty will grant him eternal life and eternity.
Subhânallah! Eternity! That word, it is so powerful!
It gives refreshment, contentment and pleasure to people.
Eternity! Allahu akbar!